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Cycling is a convenient, inexpensive, healthy and envronmentally friendly way to travel. If more people cycle instead of using a car for short journeys, our streets become safer, people become healthier, and our urban environment will be a better place to be. 

The last few years have seen an increase in the number of people cycling, largely due to the soaring cost of car ownership and the realisation that the car often isn't the best way to get around town. However, many potential cyclists are being discouraged from riding a bike because of the perceived dangers of sharing the road with busy traffic.

While much has been done to improve provision for cyclists in the Gateshead Borough, in many cases the infrastructure isn't working as it should, and in some cases is a more dangerous alternative to sharing the road with motorised traffic.

This site aims to:

  • provide a public forum for cyclists in Gateshead to publish their views and concerns about existing provision
  • allow people to make suggestions for what is needed to improve provision for cyclists in Gateshead
  • encourage 'would be' cyclists by providing support for people thinking about reducing their car use and cycling instead.
  • share information about routes

We have no formal governance, rather we are just a group of cyclists who want to see cycling infrastructure improve and see more people cycling in Gateshead.  We are are also members of Newcastle Cycle Campaign who are lobbying for improved conditions for cyclists in Newcastle. Of course, people who live in Gateshead regularly cycle in Newcastle and (maybe) vice versa, so by combining our efforts, we hope to help make Newcastle and Gateshead a more cycle friendly place to be.