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cycling clubs


I came across this forum while searching for cycling clubs in the gateshead, newcastle, south tyneside area. I am a complete newbie and have never cycled on the road. I'm interested in joing a friendly local club initially for guided leisure rides and hopefully this will help with confidence to tackle the city roads. Unfortunately what I'm looking for doesn't seem to exist or I can't find it. I found a group that starts their rides in Ponteland on a Tuesday, but that's too far away and quite frankly the wrong day. Is there such a group in Gateshead? I know it's the wrong time of year for leisure rides, but maybe in the spring? Thanks

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These links might help

Here's some info about organisations that you might find suitable. They aren't clubs as such, but offer rides throughout the year.

Firstly, there's Skyride which is a national project by Sky and British Cycling to get more people on their bikes - There's a ride coming up in September called the 'Tour de Gateshead' (details here Unfortunately it looks like it's fully subscribed but it's worth contacting them to see if there are any spaces available. Otherwise you can use the RideFinder link to see what other rides are coming up in the future.

There's also Watbike who do regular rides for people for people of all abilities. They're Northumberland-based so you would need transport to get to their start points.  This page: has a link to the guided rides they're running in September (third paragraph down). 

The Cycle Hub, based on the Tyne at Byker have a useful calendar of all the cycling related events taking place in the area: .They also do cycle hire and guided rides in the UK (and all over the world).

You also might be interested in attending Newcastle Bicycle Festival which is taking place from the 21st to the 23rd of September at various venues in  Newcastle, details here The Cycle Hub, Watbike and Recyke-y-byke will be attending and will be able to give you more advice about guided rides.

Hope this helps!

cycle north east

check out the cycle north east magazine which can be down loaded at the Gateshead council web site. It has alot of contacts for local cycle clubs.


Thanks Matt and Neil for the information. I think I will try and catch the festival to see if I can get more advice. I noticed the Hub on the Quayside just the other day but didn't think to enquire. I also quite like the Breeze cycling for women website - which seems to be more suited to me complete novice status - and will be investigating that further. It's a shame there isn't a local Gateshead club though. Thank you again.

A beginner's route

Hi again,

Is there a relatively easy and safe ride that you could recommend in the Gateshead area that I can be getting on with. I have identified the river route from Friar's Goose towards the Millennium Bridge - although it is a bit quiet but at least its flat and I can go over the bridge and cycle towards St Peters and back again. Thanks.


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Riverside paths

Sounds like a nice route!

If you do that, you'll be using both Route 14 and Route 72, which are the National Cycle Network routes and are reasonably well signposted along their length.

If you carry on on Route 14 going west, it takes you past the Metro Centre, then onto the the Derwent Walk Country Park, which is really nice area to cycle. On the north of the river, Route 72 going West takes you out to Newburn and Wylam which again makes for pleasant cycling on paths and bridleways (the route crosses Scotswood Road a few times using 'Toucan' crossings, which is inconvenient but these routes are traffic free).

Here's the Sustrans page for Route 14:

As well as the Gateshead Cycle Map that Neil has mentioned, it's worth getting hold of some of the Sustrans maps that are available on their website:

I recommend the NCN Three Rivers map for the river routes

There's also the Cycle Gateshead website, which has more information about these routes:


Thanks Matt for these links,

Thanks Matt for these links, they're very useful.

free maps

again if you go to Gateshead web site and then follow links to cycle gateshead which maps the routes in the borough. Also you can contact the council and they will send you a free cycle map of the area.

tbh for new cyclists I wouldn

tbh for new cyclists I wouldn't recommmend joining a club as most here will be quite a bit stronger and fitter than you! The only real way is to just get out there and start putting in the miles! Personally I would recommand NCN7, which technically isn't in Gateshead, but the entrance is just to the South of Birtley across the roundabout near the Barlow Mow pub. You can go all the way to Sunderland or up to Consett and beyond traffic free.


Getting there through Birtley isn't too bad, except in Birtley centre itself where the traffic lights are downright dangerous.

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