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Horrible Junction

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Horrible Junction

I have known this junction could cause problems for some time, but I have never used it when it has been busy before, the first time that I do and a driver pulls out in front of me as I am travel down the road.

This junction is easy enough to get across if you are coming uphill on West street, but if you are coming downhill or from Lambton Street there is no indication of who has priority, when this is added to with drivers coming off the bypass, it leads to a bit of a mess.

I assumed it would work like some kind of a roundabout where you should give way to my right. The driver coming off the bypass had ideas their own. Causing me to make a sudden stop in the middle of the junction.

Also the left turn if going from Lambton street to go up West street is very tight when you have cars waiting on your right hand side, the concrete splitter with a vertical kerb forced me to ride on the wrong side of the road.

My ideas for fixing this would be to stop cars coming off  or going on to the bypass here. All trafic for Tescos and the carparks around the library could use the junction on High Street.

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I totally agree! This junction is dangerous.

Both West St. and Lambton St. have 'give way' markings, so who has the right of way!? I've lost count of the number times I've been involved in a stalemate with a motorist here because neither of us knows whether to go first. Rarely, a driver will wave me on, but most of the time, cars will come straight across because they're are only interested in what's coming from the right-hand side.

Vast improvement is needed here before someone gets hurt.

please meet us.

could i suggest a site meeting so that the pair of you could walk highlight the problems with the junction so that ican then take this back to the town centre development meetings with Tescos.

Please let me know a suitable time and date.



Meeting Availability

Thanks Neil,

On weekdays I can get to Gateshead Centre for just after 4:00pm. Over the next few weeks I am can make it any weekday, as long as we expect to be finished before 5pm. If an earlier time is required, let me know and I will be able to make arangements for a specific day.

I can also make the next few Saturdays and Sundays except Saturday 5th November.

Thank you,


meeting availability

Can we meet outside the old town hall at 16:15

Thanks Neil.

missed the date

on Monday the 7th.

See you there


Monday at 16:15 is good for me.



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Thanks Neil, appreciate the

Thanks Neil, appreciate the opportunity show you the problems here.

Will be at there at 16.15.

good meeting

Thanks to Matt and Scott for giving up their time to point out the problems they have at this junction. Traffic Solutions team will now carry out some design work to make some short term improvements while trying to ensure a better long term solution as part of the town centre redevelopment.


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Traffic calming

Thanks Neil. We're really pleased that we have the opportunity to have meetings like the one on Monday, where we could talk you through the problems at the location concerned. It shows that the council is prepared to listen and act.

I thought Scott's suggestion of closing Lambton Road to private traffic to stop it being used as a rat run was a great one. It's really more radical solutions like this that we'd like to see; to priortise for pedestrians, cyclists and those using public transport in order to make Gateshead a better place to be for PEOPLE, rather than a place to pass through if you're in a car.

However, given the developments that Tesco are making and the car-based infrastructure they're no doubt putting in, the level of private traffic will increase at this junction (and you suggested this yourself). Therefore are Tesco and the council committed to calming the traffic in this area, for example, the inclusion of 20mph speed limits and other traffic calming measures?


Thank you

And a thank you from myself as well Neil.

Matt with the 20mph limit, I have a feeling that may already be in place at the junction (I could be wrong though).

If traffic levels do increase at the junction when the new car park is in place, I agree that this junction could become more difficult to use for pedestrains and cyclists. Even if the proposed traffic lights for the new car park do reduce the amount of rat running, the increase in traffic legitimately using the road (for car park access) could lead to a wall of traffic at the junction (heading west along Sambton Street after leaving the car park), that could prevent a cyclist getting out unless either a cyclist coming uphill blocks the traffic or there is a break in the traffic flow.

This may not be the case once the chages are made as the traffic flow could be vert broken up, allowing for lots of opportunities to get across the junction, but it is something I feel should be considered as we can only estimate what the traffic flow will be like once the changes are made.

With all the changes happening in this area, it will be interesting to see what happens, and I am glad that we had this opportunity (and hopefully more) to discuss our concerns and hear about some of the changes that are planned.


work scheduled to start.

The scheme has been designed and ordered together with a longer term plan to further improve the junction. Work on phase one is with LOCAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES and will be completed this financial year.

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